Medjel Yaba

“Between Wilhelma & Medjel Yaba, up to the time of the breakthrough.”

The maps in the Brief Record show the 161, 162 & 163 Brigades all more or less on a line 8 miles East of Jaffa during the first two months of 1918, with 163 Brigade initially at Rantieh and 162 Brigade moving to positions 2 and 4 miles behind the line in February 1918.

All of these photographs were taken by Harry Belson, or with his camera, and captions, where present, are as noted by him.



Roman remains somewhere in the region of Mulebbis – Mejdel Yaba – Ras el-‘Ain Castle. N.E. of Jaffa.



River Anya – front line held at the time of the final break through. The line was on the North side of the river which flowed through orange groves.


The Mill Bridge over the Anya – scene of some desperate fighting



Isolation Camp for Indian troops



Cuchel near Medjel Yaba – near Jaffa

My grandfather makes no mention of the cricket match being played close behind the front line.



Medjel Yaba – our Section accompanied the Infantry when they captured this hill village.



Medjel Yaba village captured by 163 Brigade. This will give you an idea of places our men have to capture. Yet it was done in broad daylight with hardly any casualties owing to some real “strategy”. This was the time we were up at the AWS. This place is also mentioned in the history of the Crusaders. Note two decent shell holes in the buildings.

HB_1606 HB

Snapped whilst we were out in the open being shelled. The transport can be seen getting away by a Waddi. I have marked with a cross over myself, my chum with an O. This is absolutely genuine, no fake. Harry – Palestine – This happened during the capture of Medjel Yaba.

© Paul Barham, March 2018

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