Gallipoli – 1915

This small folder of prints bears the message: “Photographs taken in Gallipoli by a trooper in the Bucks Hussars”.

There are no other explanatory notes, however the pictures speak for themselves – from trench warfare to the day-to-day details of a soldier’s life, and finally the haunting image of soldiers waiting on the crowded beachhead while out at sea warships lie at anchor…



The only photograph with any commentary – the following dedication is written on the reverse:

HB 0104text


My grandfather talked less about Gallipoli than his subsequent campaigns in Egypt and Palestine. Admittedly it was a shorter campaign, but I feel that the more likely reason was that there were less amusing stories to tell. My understanding, from what I have been able to piece together, is that after becoming seriously ill with dysentery he returned to hospital and a brief convalescence in England before embarking on his second and third campaigns in the Middle East.

© Paul Barham, February 2018

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